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Software / DIY Layout Creator
April 25, 2017, 10:56:12 AM
Some of you probably know about it, but thought it would be useful to mention. I've been running DIYLC project for over a decade now and it has reached 3rd generation and many, many revisions with the help of many people from various forums. Still actively working on adding new features and fixing bugs.

Some feature highlights of the current version:

* PCB/vero/perf layouts for effects
* Tube circuits and point-to-point
* Schematics
* Guitar wiring diagrams
* Easily share your drawings using 'Cloud' feature

And it's completely free and ad-free. You can find it here

Feel free to open feature requests under "Issues" and let me know if you have any feedback.


I wanted to beef up the tone of my Fly3, add more gain and make the preamp a bit more "present" sounding, as it's quite dark. Tried replacing the speaker and it added upper mids but also made it sound a bit boxy, so I reverted that mod. There's no schematic to be found and it's all SMD, so circuit mods are out of question at the moment. Instead I added switchable JFET booster stage at the front turning it into 4 channel amp. To do it I had to cut one trace and inject a DPDT switch that can engage booster circuit. It turned out great. Boosted tones are definitely brighter sounding and add lots of gain. Clean is turned into crunch, overdrive is turned into lead or aggressive metal sound, depending on the settings. Here's a quick demo, will record more these days. Played my home made mini Telecaster with DiMarzio Chopper in bridge position. Gain set to max, without boost, ISF set to 0, then the same riff with gain around noon and boost engaged.

more info here

Software / New version of DIY Layout Creator
January 26, 2011, 09:14:26 AM
This is related to schematics and layouts so I reckon it's a good place to post. Some of you may have used the old version 1.x of DIYLC to draw stompbox layouts or the newer version 2.x that's supposed to draw amp layouts and schematics as well, but did it badly. Anyways, the new version 3 is developed from scratch to offer better performance and ability to draw pretty much anything. It's still under development, so component set is not very rich, but I encourage everyone to try it out and give some feedback. I want to iron out usability issues and make it as comfortable to use as possible to wide audience - pedal makers, amp makers, any DIY enthusiasts really.

You can find the latest version here, as well as some documentation

If you have any ideas you can either reply here, pm me or, even better, use "Report Bugs" feature and file a ticket with description of your requests or issues.

All the best,