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I found this preamp in a donation pile along with a 8 channel DAW A 4 channel mixer and a old hi fi 12 band eq and effects rack mount processor.  I love how you can dial in a good range of frequencies to center the bass mids and treble around but looking at the guts and the schematic there is so much discrete stuff going on in there the parts numbers are im the 2000s and I'm intimidated and also don't want to butcher the preamp it's pretty nostalgic and works perfect still. rather than a bunch of eq sliders I'd be happy with knobs and possibly a variable q for each band but I'm looking for some suggestions.  I could keep it separate and try just a pedal format but a robust tone section would bolster my enthusiasm if i could successfully incorporate this into a solid state preamp driving a lm3886 power section for guitar and bass could share the same tone section if I could achieve this.  am looking forward to your comments suggestions stories all is welcome.  I'm not a novice nor a pro but I know what i want and im good with my hands and brain.