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July 22, 2024, 07:59:20 AM

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Solid state preamp with tonecontrol

Started by Domin9797, July 16, 2023, 04:42:36 AM

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Have you heard the Yamaha G100 amps? The preamp and speakers are part of the sound.

A comparison of the 3 models...



I think one needs to realise that the sound/tone/feel you hear are **Recordings** of a rig that has been tweaked in the studio.
There would have been a lot of post FX on the mix down. Modulations, Reverb reflections added to it.
Many people forget this fact and hence you can go in circles trying to replicate a sound/tone.
Trying to replicate a recording with any basic preamp is just not going to make the cut.

The raw sound of the Amp used may well sound very, shall I say Bland and somewhat lifeless.


The Dr Boogey is probably exactly what you're after. It's someone's solid state pedal version of a Mesa Boogie which are generally wicked metal amps, and you can choose from a variety of general stomp boxes to stick in front of it and "sludge" it up.

My bet is the Big Muff Pi or even a tube screamer coupled with the flexibility of the Dr. Boogey will do just about any sound you're after. If not one of those pedals in front, something sludgy and truly "awful" but notoriously popular would be a fuzz face, but fuzz faces are low impedance input and biased completely wrong, so they're a crude form of a Class A-B circuit stealing input bias voltage from your guitars signal, and don't always do so well stacked with other boxes. Now with all that said, they do however give you a very rich, high gain and sludgy fuzz style distortion and can be modded easily enough to be more flexible.