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Its not the Ruby...its the 'Noisey Cricket'!!

I think we've decided on the ruby. I'm planning on making a second one if the first one sounds 'right'....although in the case of the second one, its not going to be a guitar amp..its going to be the starter amp for my granddaughter's theremin. I hope to have the first one done in the next 40 days as that is when the son that is getting the amp graduates from High School. I scoped out the parts on the radio shack web site, and the only thing they don't have is the 1k pot. All parts, around $30-$35 with a few bits left over.

Then we will need a reasonably good speaker for it. Any suggestions on a speaker would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know an approximate price range and suggestions on where to look. My brother is good at woodworking, and should be able to help us build an enclosure for the speaker. That opens the whole can of worms regarding how to build the enclosure. I'm sure we will end up just hanging a general use 8 inch, 8 or 16 ohm job off of it so he can practice while we build the enclosure...
Thanks Syn and Joe...

I have no clue what it should sound like and even if I did, its probably a far cry from what my son thinks it sho8uld sound like. I'll check out a few more of the ones suggested. When I've got it done I'll probably post a picture (if thats allowed around here..)
Aw come on..I can't believe no one has an opinion on a good first amp for me to build?
I'd like to have it done by June 10th when my son graduates!!
The Newcomer's Forum / Looking for a first amp
April 29, 2007, 08:06:36 PM

Hello. My son recently started playing guitar. He has an acoustic, but just purchased a Nova electric without amp. I've built projects before, from scratch, the most recent being an "Ultimate 2B RS Theremin".  He doesn't need a lot of volume. We'd like to be able to drive a speaker, and have the ability to drive headphones for when he wants to practice at night. I've looked at a few of the ones listed, and was wondering if the Little GEM Mk II would be a very good place to  start.  If you need more info about the guitar, I can find out more.

Thanks in advance