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Amplifier Discussion / Another ridiculous deal
April 16, 2024, 09:27:49 PM
I bought a Crate GX1200H and 4x12 cabinet for $150 off Craigslist yesterday evening. I was surfing for used table saws, and I don't know how, but I ended up in their music gear ads.  :o

The stock speakers in the cabinet are definitely lower quality in comparison to those in the GX combo I bought, and it needs some modifications to both the clean and dirty channel tone stacks, but I don't think I've come across a deal this good in a few years.
The main problem with the stock speakers is their low end response is abysmal, mids and treble are crisp and punchy; great for numetal. The more you crank the volume, the more aggressive in reduction on your bass control is required, and even at modest volumes, it has to be significantly cut from the start.

Unfortunately, I remember why I had to mod this head extensively when I bought one 28 years ago which I still have to this day, but fortunately after some proper education, the mods I have for them today are exponentially superior. The lead/rhythm EQ has a shape control which has some great characteristics, but it won't produce a significant scoop as many of us desire. Fortunately, it only involves replacing a 100 ohm resistor to ground with a 500 ohm pot. The clean is great but needs a brightness switch added which will actually be there to shunt some of the highs to ground. The dirty EQ could use a bit larger value cap, but overall, it's primary shortcoming is they opted to save money by excluding the midrange control, adding the shape which is a bandpass sweep, and then reintroduced the mid in some of the models that came quite a few years later, another of which I own.

As far as solid-state goes, the GLX version is identical but with the mid control included and the best solid-state amp I've ever heard for metal. I think because they introduced the Blue Voodoo when these came out, they intentionally shot this model line in the foot by ditching the mid control. These sold new as full stacks for 650 to $800 depending on when you went looking for one, and I think the Blue Voodoo head in itself was 8 to $900. The simple solution back in the day was running an EQ on it's effects loop, but even that they required a stereo Y-adapter to presumably, save more money on mfr. On my original, I scrapped that and converted it to 2 mono jacks on the rear which eliminating the front stereo 1/4" jack gives an odd location but ideal space for adding the dirty midrange.

If I knew near 30 years ago what I did today, I would have made a killing modding these even for solo shredding metalheads, and they wouldn't have such a very checkered reputation like they do to this very day. This model line and those it was reintroduced as with all the same short comings are pretty much considered the worst solid stamp of the 90's onward well into the 2000's lol.
Amplifier Discussion / Score! Crate GX-212 for $70
March 20, 2024, 08:35:18 AM
100% American made, 30 years old and with the Crate speakers that replaced the flimsy Celestion Rockets they previously used(I have some of those too). I hit the cabinet with a degreaser, and it's electrically still a beast. They even had the casters for it, but no foot switch which I can easily build if I truly desire one; I don't.

This is probably the most "sterile" of their SS series, but still ear bleeding loud and the wattage is 100% useable when maxed out. I designed my very first distortion pedal directly around this preamp's lead channel, and have used it ever since on every piece of gear including 2024 digital modelers for 15 years now.
I can crank gain through the roof for sweeping and shredding, and don't even have ground buzz and without a noise gate using the overdrive I designed. It gives me something to use in my gym or roll outside onto the deck or into the front yard and rain hell down on my neighbors  ;D