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Amplifier Discussion / Solid State version of a VOX AC-30 Guitar Amp
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:53:10 AM »
Hi people... I would like to get a few comments please...
Some time ago I started building custom Guitar Amplifiers... not because I am a Muso... but rather because my (then teenage) son was.

Fast forward 15 years...

I have most recently completed a few different versions of a Solid State Guitar Amplifier modeled on the (classic) VOX AC-30. Its key attributes are:-
1.   Does not use ANY Integrated Circuits (in the signal path)
2.   Does not use ANY bi-polar transistors
3.   Uses FET semiconductors throughout ... JFET’s (small signal) and specialist MOSFET’s (power)
4.   Amp architecture / signal path / tone controls based on the (classic) VOX AC-30 amplifier
5.   Uses an Output Transformer... like ALL Valve Amps... which provides significantly tonal differences to direct-coupled circuits
6.   Output Damping factor of transformer is much “looser” than solid state amps
7.   Lower damping factor substantially changes the dynamic characteristics of the speakers
8.   Is switchable between Class A(?) (like the VOX AC-30) and Class B for more “conventional” operation. This provides some tonal differences liked by musicians (Clean / Crunch)

While I could write lots more I will perhaps wait for any specific questions and/or general interest first.


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