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June 21, 2024, 11:13:40 AM

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op amp voltage and tone

Started by Zozobra, March 20, 2023, 05:41:32 PM

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I was just idly thinking about the effect of op amp voltage on tone. Most op amp preamps typically use ±15V rails as that's the limit of the TL072 op amp commonly used, but is it an anachronism to be limited by this when there are modern op amps capable of higher rail voltages? Something like the OPA552PA is capable of ±30V, but all other things considered would it sound any different than if it was capped at ±15?


I do not think it would matter, I think most signals going through the Op-Amps are in the Milli Volt range up to a few volts maximum.

There are some circuits that rely on the Op-Amp reaching the voltage supplied to start breaking upthe signal and making distortion however, but this is on purpose to give the tone some growl.

There are exceptions though and I hope someone who knows better will jump in and give their opinion.
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My experience is that higher voltages give you more clean headroom.  It doesn't seem to affect tone at all.
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Ok, I'll stick to ±15V rails then  :)