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June 16, 2024, 01:44:40 PM

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70 Watt solidstate amlpifier

Started by Drikus, October 08, 2008, 08:17:31 PM

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It seems that everone is searching for a simple though hi-end amplifier, high output, low distortion, low  voltage required, enz.

I've build several projects with an TDA1562 from Philips and I must say it is an excellent power amplifier!
It requires only 18 Volts max as power source. It transformes it's own power /required voltages on-board and seems to be the perfect answer to high power, low voltages.  Easy to build and really does the trick.
It's a verry complicated design inside but verry easy to build on the outside.
Please look for the datasheets on www.alldatasheet.com for it's a dike of an amplifier!
The link don't seem to work, just google on TDA 1562....

Edited the link..should be working now...

greets Drikus

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Can you post some more info on your amp with the chip!
schematics woud be cool.
I have purchased one on Ebay should be here in a week or so.



What happened to this?  Do you have a layout or anything?
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