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Here is the circuit diagram and PCB layout for Ibanez Tube Screamer Amplifier TSA30.

Thanks to vitrolin for sharing!



I big breakthrough!

First of all, thank's for all replies! Really grateful the support :-)

So, I contacted Headstock Distribution today, they asked me to send them an email with the part number and S/N of my amplifier. And could sell me a transformer delivered to me in Sweden for $65. Super nice on the phone too!

So that's the solution to my problem for this time!
And... it also means I have a fully functional spare 120V / 60Hz TSA30 mains transformer ;-)

Headstock DistributionLtd.
Unit G1 Coombswood West, Steelpark Road,
Halesowen, B62 8HD, UK
Tel.+44 (0)121 5086666


I just joined the forum.
Just found this thread searching for information on the TSA30 Amp.
I need to convert an imported 110V TSA30H to 230V operation.

Does anyone here know where i could get a "TSA30-PT/23050" transformer. I asked the Swedish supplier but they said they couldn't get it for me, referring to the fact that the amp is no longer in production. Still, I see several models including the TSA30 Combo still on the Ibanez website...

Any advice and suggestions are welcome!

Best regards,