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March 02, 2024, 03:53:05 PM

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More Amps - Mooer SD30i and Hornet 05i

Started by joecool85, June 17, 2023, 08:46:38 PM

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Mooer has released two new digital amps with two different takes on functionality.  The Mooer SD30i follows the concept driven by Spark.  Basic onboard controls, and deeper control through an app on your mobile device.  The Hornet 05i brings things to a whole other level of simplicity in the hardware, only allowing a physical volume knob (which doubles as the on/off).  All other changes to amp settings on the Hornet are made through an app only.

While I love simplicity, I personally don't care for being tied to a mobile device any time I want to make a change other than volume.  They may have taken it a bit too far in that direction.

The Mooer SD30i is a 30w amp with 2 x 4" speakers while the Hornet 05i is a 5w amp with 2" speaker.

Retail price for the SD30i is currently about $370 USD.  The Hornet 05i is substantially less expensive at about $140 USD.


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