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I would have to question where you purchased the TDA2030 ic's.

That ic is no longer in production.

LM1875 is.
Understand that the reason for the capacitor on the output is because the power supply is a single polarity.

Therefore the output will 'sit' at 1/2 of the supply voltage.
Which is Volts dc.

The cap is not needed on a dual supply because the output 'sits' at 0 Vdc.
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: HH MA150 blowing mains fuses
September 30, 2017, 10:45:26 AM
HH MA150 schematic:
"How does a dc voltage burn out a voice coil"?

Have you installed C3/ C9 (0.1 uf) & R4/ R10 (1 ohm)?
Good to keep in mind that the IC output potential is totally dependent on the power supply voltages into a load.

Within the limits defined in the datasheet.
If you replaced the original mosfet's, I'll buy them.:)
NPN: "Never Points iN"
I believe the proper term for the PNP letters is: Points In Perpetually".

Other than that, nice job.
What they are inferring by across R106 & R123 is exactly that.
Across the legs of two resistors that are attached to the emitters.
The middle point of the two resistors is the output.

They could have stated more clearly "Measure the voltage from Q13 Emitter to Q17 Emitter."