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October 03, 2023, 07:30:30 PM

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Orange 35RT humming/buzzing

Started by bsilverop, February 18, 2023, 05:57:42 PM

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I could be wrong, but I don't think these use switchmode.  I've never been inside of one though.
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Hey Joe,
Yes, possible but as these things are fairly recent, i.e. not 30 years old then likely they are Sw-mode.
I did find a couple of demos on the tube and I noted they do buzz on the high gain setting, as do a lot of budget amps.

I spent a long time trying to find ways around noise issues with hi gain circuitry. Sadly the market is flooded with Amps/Pedals that are badly designed and the novice is ever burdened with the dreaded noise issue.

Then they are told they need a noise gate,,so everything becomes a patchup job to overcome a design problem.
I can do drop D on my strat and crank the gain and play some suspect heavy metal riffs and although there is more hiss it's way way less than what these amps sound like.

I spread my Drive/Dist over 3 dirt circuits,, if you try to do that much gain with just one circuit then say hello to the dreaded noise issue.


Just to follow up on this, I got a replacement amp and it has the same issue. Clearly not the amp, as this is the second brand new one I've tried, and also bought a Bugera v5 infinium in the meantime, which also has the same issue. The Bugera is only 5w and has an attenuator which dampens the hum/buzz. I put an attenuator on the Orange RT35 as well, which makes it tolerable. I tried turning off some things in the house (power strips with computers plugged in, etc..), but nothing seems to help this. May just use a noise gate and carry on. Thanks again!

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Well obviously this is the price you pay for budget bedroom amps. :-X
These things are designed to a price not quality R&D. They just bump up the gain and tweak the EQ for the kids to get that crunch tone as that is the fashion now.

Q, Are you using high quality guitar cords?
When using these hi gain amps you definitely need the best cables.
Canare is one of the best but not cheap.
Another thing that may not be obvious, at home the buzz is nearly always annoying but in a band situation the music level is a lot louder and the Buzz is not so obvious, at least while you are playing.

As I mentioned last post, When you design a circuit and just use one stage to crank all the gain the result is noise. Which is most likely the issue in this Amplifier.

I Actually use a very basic keyboard amp with no fancy crunch circuits.
All my sound is derived by intelligent pedal circuits.
Even at bedroom level with all 3 distortion circuits engaged the noise is hardly noticed when not playing. May I say this took me years to workout exactly what was going on but glad I perceived.


Not sure if you answered before, but have you tried someone else's house AC outlets, just as a grounding sanity check? The buzzing in the video you posted is obtrusive and unless you use single-coils, or live under a radio tower (this happened to the Talking Head's drummer), it's hard to believe all 3 amps would have this issue. I get the "cheap amp" comments but still.... My Orange TinyTerror doesn't buzz like that.


I'm using D'Addario cables after suspecting the issue may have been older/lower quality cables. I can try the brand mentioned and see if that helps any.

I haven't yet tried another home, but am going to soon. I was trying to rule out any devices in my home that may be causing the issue. I have a home energy monitor that has amp meters wrapped around the mains that I wonder if it's contributing to the issue or not.

Otherwise, it could be lower quality amps with gain cranked up, but it seems pretty harsh and not something I've seen in demos or reviews on either amp. I get it if people want zero buzz/hum, but this seems excessive.

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Quote from: Tassieviking on February 28, 2023, 11:57:28 AMIt seems there are a few around with the same problem.
I had seen those too, however this happened with two brand new ones, and another new Bugera v5 Infinium I bought while waiting on the new 35RT to arrive. Looking forward to trying another house, but at that point I'm not sure what it tells me if it works ok elsewhere.

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If another house resolves the problem then time to call an electrician and get your house wiring checked for faults.


Do you have LED lighting? Or florescent? Those things can be noisy.