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Author Topic: Newbie help! (stereo head)  (Read 2304 times)


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Newbie help! (stereo head)
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:04:53 PM »
Hey guys, I hope I can get some help. I recently got a randall rh200sc  head and matching cab. The head can do mono or stereo. I have it hooked up mono with one speaker cable and its just not very loud at all. My other guitarist has a marshall vs100 which is obviously less watts but is quite a bit louder than my randall. What could be causing this? Its really a problem because im getting drowned out in the mix.... Since this amp has a stereo setting, is it only running at half watts (100) and using 1 power amp (dont stereo amps have 2?) It seems like hooking it up mono would use both power amps but I may be wrong.. I dont have another speaker cable but I can buy one if you guys think hooking it up stereo will solve the problem. Ive read that these things get LOUD but mine is barely loud enough to contend with the marshall at full volume. Also, if this isnt the problem, what else could it be?

J M Fahey

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Re: Newbie help! (stereo head)
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 09:40:15 AM »
Please google its user manual for us and post a link here.
I think that no matter what the switch says, you are using only one channel from a stereo amp, losing half the power.
I guess sc in the name means Stereo Chorus, is that so?
You have 2 problems:
1) you are getting only half power.
2) the speakers in your cab might not be the best in the world, and also maybe the impedance is not right.
Speaking of "matching cab" means nothing to us, please describe it: 1/2/4 12" speakers, such and such brand, so many ohms, etc.
Good luck.
And remember that user manual.

EDIT: also be more specific on your mateĀ“s amp: is it the VS100 combo with 1x12" or the head with a 4x12" ? In the first case he certainly has one of the best Celestions inside; in the second, he might have mid-price Celestions ... but 4 of them.
Speakers matter *a lot*.
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