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Hi, guys. I have a question regarding my little Tele Star amp from the 1970s. It's very dark sounding and I would like to change that. The circuitry in it doesn't appear to be original, so I don't really mind the idea of modifying it. I also have very little information about the amp. Could it be as simple as swapping out the input cap? Thanks.
I actually managed to make them rattle a bit less, but it seems you're right.
Each net seems to be loose on only one side. Also, the baskets are slightly bent. If I can ever figure out how to post some pictures, I will. Thanks.
That makes sense.
Hello, everyone. While out and about today, I happened upon a pair of 12-inch speakers from a Crate amp. They were going to throw them away, but gave them to me. After patching up some holes in the cones, they're still rattling and I discovered the magnets are each loose on one side. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
On the subject of the germanium preamp and tremolo, what's the supply voltage supposed to be? Thanks again.
Will do.   :tu:
Cool. I guess that old amp has a few tricks I still don't know about. Thanks again, Juan. Maybe I should start another topic about my old Kasino amp and see what the possibilities are with it? Because it seems I'm still learning it.
Positive ground is not a problem for me. Later on, I'm gonna try to get one of those solderless breadboard so I can experiment with things like this. I'm always looking for different possibilities for getting cool sounds. So, if I built the preamp and tremolo sections as a standalone pedal, could I then run it through my Kasino amp?
Thanks, guys. And thank you, Juan for posting that schematic. That one must've been difficult to find. The tremolo circuit looks a bit odd to me, but of co use, I'm no electronics engineer. I'm lucky to do what little I can. So, would this type of amp be of lower output? I assume it would be a good amp for recording if it is. And, could one possibly build that tremolo circuit as a standalone outboard effect?
Well, I was only thinking about it because I'd hate to see these transistors go to waste. I figured you guys would probably know of a way they could serve a purpose. I've never built an amp, but I would like to.
Be for I try any experimentation with my remaining stock, I'm gonna try to get one of those solderless breadboards. That way I won't go through so much solder. Thanks.
Would it be possible to make a tremolo circuit with some of these low gain germanium trannies?
Well, that's a good straightforward answer to my question. I had hoped they would work. They're all AC128 with low leakage and low hfe. Thanks.
Cool. So then, it is possible. I wonder how this type of amplifier would sound. I have an old reel to reel that appears to be full of germanium trannies and it has a really good sound. Kind of a warm sound. Thanks.