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Amplifier Discussion / Cab project
May 02, 2012, 09:58:26 AM
I am going to build my own cabinet with 3 G12's. I know you can build one with only 3 speakers but I am not exactly sure how to hook them for a 4-8 ohm load. I will be running 65 watts thru them. I know it has to be a combination of parallel and series, just not sure which should be first. Time to let some of you good with math skills come to the rescue.
Not sure if the site has gone down or what, but I can't get that Encyclopedia mentioned here.  :grr
I have tested this amp thru a Randall 4x12 cab a friend has and it just great. I have plans to use a couple of Celestions I have that are not busy right now for a 2x12 to run it with. Since I have no use for a half stack, I can get by with the 2x12 and not run at full blast. Yet, another project for the warden (wife) to complain about. Here is a couple pics:
I think this is the correct schematic for this amp. Unfortunately, I still have not determined whether it's a I, II, or III. The case matches exactly and I have seen several that are completely different from what I have.
OK. I have determined this IS a I head. The II has a different cloth on the front, and the III has what appears to be stamped medal. I also found one with a ser.# in the 1700's, made in '79. Mine is numbered in the 2100's.
I think it's good that I can say there are no problems detected with this amp head. I just would like a schematic for future reference should I need it. Not real sure whether it's a I, II, or a III since I find no designation anywhere on the unit. I will do some more research tomorrow and maybe even post a pic here.
Amplifier Discussion / Yamaha G100 head schematic.
April 27, 2012, 07:02:25 PM
I am searching for a schematic for a Yamaha G100 head, serial #2167. I can find plenty for combo amps, but not this one. Any help will be appreciated.
Already on getting one from Peavey. Found that the reverb tank is the problem. I disconnected it and it has been on all day with no squealing to be heard. When I do get the schematic, I will post it.
Thanks for the help so far.
Guess I should have clarified that a bit more. When I turn the volume up, the squeal gets a lot louder, but does not seem to be in sync with normal volume levels. At 0, the squeal is still there, but not very audible. Put in other words, the volume control goes from 0 - 10, but the squeal level seems to be at .5 - loud, if you can understand what I am trying to say.
I have beat and banged on this thing several times, but not tried the reverb tank yet. I will try that next time I hook it up. None of the controls seem to have any effect on the squeal at all. Well, the volume does, it gets louder, as to be expected, lol. Before it gets warmed up good, this thing has that awesome clean sound that I have been hunting for a long time. Every aspect seems to be working perfectly, except for that annoying squeal. When I strike a note, the squeal can be heard thru it so it's not a typical "no signal" squeal.
I just picked up one for cheap! It has been stored for a couple years now and played very nice for about 2 hours when I checked it out. When I got it home tho, it started a squeal after about 45 minutes of steady playing. Does not sound like a feedback squeal. I unplug the cables and it still has the squeal there. I am new to working on amps and any help would be nice.