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August 12, 2022, 08:53:56 AM

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Screeching spring reverb problem

Started by Billythekid, March 30, 2016, 01:11:41 PM

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Has anyone had this problem with their amps spring reverb screeching when you turn the potentiometer up past 2or 3 my amp Reverb just gives this nasty screeching feedback noise when I try to turn it up. Has anyone else had this happen and been able to fix the problem??? Any help would be great...


Reverb feedback is not rare.

What amp?

Is your reverb pan in a vinyl bag?  Those help.

before it screams does the reverb work OK?  If you unplug the reverb pan, does it still do it?

remove the reverb assembly from the amp and get it as far from the speaker as possible outside the amp cab.  Does that help?

Does grasping the reverb pan firmly make it stop or less sensitive at least?

We were looking for clues the reverb pan was sensitive.  If so, there are simple things to do.

First look inside the reverb pan, make sure the long springs are intact, and not broke off at one end.  Also, the innards are suspended by four short springs at the corners.  MAke sure all four are in place.  The innards can shake around.  On most pans there is a post sticking up through a hole in the innards, make sure the innards have not hopped up onto this pole getting stuck there.

Cut a piece of cardboard to cover the open side of the pan, and tape it there with masking tape or something.  And the pan goes into a bag.  People that sell reverb pans sell the bags too.

The pan should never be screwed down tight to the floor.  The screws should only be in enough to keep the pan from moving around in the cab.  It should float, or have some wiggle room.

The wide smooth top surface of the pan can resonate, get some self adhesive foam weather stripping, the stuff is like 3/4" wide maybe and half a thick.  Run a strip of it down the centerline f the pan lengthwise and stick it on.  This dampens resonance.  It is a trick carmakers use inside wide body panels.

Otherwise, we need to know the pan is the right type.  We need to know the cables are good.


Hey enzo it billy again thanks for getting back to me. Im going to try your suggestions and post the results. I do know that when the pan is tapped or the springs touched i can here the echoes but like i said when i try to turn the reverb volume up it screeches. The aux in out cables must be working cause as i said i hear the reverb when i tapp the pan and springs im really stumped.