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adding extra gain stages

Started by noobiePT, March 20, 2008, 04:23:42 PM

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Hi, im going to build an amp, and well, i want to use it without any pedals, kinda a amp to carry around, but the original schematic doesnt include a gain pot, possible due to few gain stages, it has just 2 gainstages in the preamp.
so what im thinking is to add an extra tube, so adding 2 more gainstages and between the two put a pot to control the gain.
now my doubt is, can i "just" add like that? or i have to see if, i dont know, the transformers will suporte the extra efford or something...
thanks  ;)


you may be able to get more gain if that's all your after by using different Preamp tubes , what tubes are you using?

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