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June 23, 2024, 12:55:26 PM

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Who Needs A Heavy Power Transformer?

Started by printer2, July 10, 2016, 09:16:03 PM

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What, another amp when the last one isn't finished yet?

Yeah I know, but you can't stop the ideas. Actually was trying to build my own switching power supply but a poster on another site gave us the heads up on a pre-built unit.


Adjustable voltage and a claimed 40W out, I'll give it a try. Thinking of doing a switchable Marshall 1987-2204. Will be switching the one input stage in front of the other and the addition of reverb eventually. Hope to build it in a 5E3 sized cab.

Other than the power supply being a laptop PS into the voltage booster (no isolation but the laptop PS does that function) should look something like this.

The question not answered yet is do I build with 12V6's (12V 6V6) or do I use 15CW5's (15V low voltage EL84's)? 


One thing I would advise you to do is get a power supply with a ground connection, and make sure you get your amp's chassis and your circuit properly grounded.
I say to make sure, because some laptop power supplies have a bad habit of keeping the output completely isolated and not grounded, even when they have a ground connection to the mains plug. In such cases, that introduces background noise when you work with audio.


I'll keep that in mind. One of the ps's I was thinking of using was only a two wire so I knew I had to add a ground to it but never thought much of the ones with the added ground. Pretty sure I will go 12V6GT for the outputs.