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June 20, 2024, 08:26:38 PM

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Started by voltwide, February 01, 2016, 06:57:40 PM

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Voltwide, when I open the file in LTSpice, it complains "Couldn't find symbol(s) 'potentiometer 2" - both pots are therefore missing.

Is this 'potentiometer.sub'? And is that a model you built, or something I can find online in a library?

Googling I found this . . .


. . . and copied it as a text file into both the same directory as gitpre.asc and also the "sub" folder inside my installation of LTSpce on Windows - however I still get the same complaint.

Also for these 2 pots, would they be audio taper, as with a traditional passive system?


If audio taper means logarithmic response, the answer is no. The spice potentiometer simulates a linear response.
This is the spice symbol I used:


Thanks for the asy file - works.

As for the taper of the 2 pots - I figured the simulation would use linear - no point in getting fancy. I was actually asking, which type of taper you are using in your Strat?

Most players w/traditional tone controls prefer audio taper, but a few prefer linear for one or the other pot; and in this case I don't know your own preference, nor whether this circuit rewards linear taper in a way not usual w/a purely passive circuit.


This tone control shows a quite different response compared to the traditional pot - capacitor combination. I choose a linear response  for the TONE but a logarithmic for the VOL.


Finally the New Chinese Year celebrations are done and my pcbs (20x30mm) arrived today.
Later I will test and put one into my strat.