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Thanks for the input!

I understand it likely not being best practice. I slowly I want to upgrade to a more 'grown-up' and proper set up, but for now I thought this could be cool for some experimentation. As long as I am not blowing anything up. ;D
Hi all,

I am quite new to amplifiers, I get the basics but have a little technical question. I just got an Orange Micro Dark hybrid (tube preamp/ SS power amp) that I am plugging into a 2x12 cab and that's quite nice for practicing at home. The Orange MD has an effects loop and I had an idea of splitting the loop signal into wet/dry and sending the wet (mostly for delay) into another practice amp I have, a Roland Cube 20 (an 80s, orange version one) and dry into the Orange power amp (as usual). The thing is, the Roland doesn't have an effects loop, so I would have to send the wet into the amps line in. Is this at all doable? I figure I'd ask before I blow up my Roland, which I like quite a lot.

And in general, is it ok to plug an effects loop out into the line in of another amp (tube or solid state)? From what I understand, the preamp stage of an amp functions in a similar way than an OD/Preamp pedal, so that should be fine?

Any thoughts/concerns/ideas are welcome!

Thank you so much!