Ibanez TSA30 Schematic and PCB Layout

Started by Gustaf, May 06, 2016, 03:31:52 PM

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Hi Diydidi
they all buzz if unmodified !
10v dc is fine ;-)
do the mods and hear what it should sound like for the first time !


Hi all!

Been using TSA-30 about two years now and I've been mostly happy. Speaker swap is a must IMHO, and a used Texas Heat sounds fine for me.

However I'd like to tame the hiss a bit but I'm fine with the SS front and TS/boost so I shall not touch those. I'm prepared to do R4, R5 and R72 (500k ?) but I'd like not to add any new pot so what would be good fixed value of the R17?


To save a whole lot of guestamation :-\ just wire up a temporary 500k pot as variable resistor in place of R17. Tweak the pot till you find a happy medium then power off and measure the resistance of that pot and choose the closest fixed resistor for R17.

Another way, same thing but do it to R72.
Even do both of the above at once may reap subtle differences while tweaking the pots.
The outcome will only be correct when your ears are happy but my guess is these amps will always be a bit hissy so don't expect perfection.

I don't know the amp so inserting temporary parts might be tricky so you will have to make sure floating pots/wires don't short out.

I would change R4 and R5 at 100k First as that may tame it down enough and the above may not be needed.


Edit; I just realized that *Bajaman* resolved the hiss on previous page, a full explanation with pictures of the PCB mods.
I urge you to do that before you mod anything else. :tu:


Ah yes, I re-read that one now. Master volume mod is neat but that ground mod addresses more into hum and requires some serious surgery. I might start with those easier ones.

Thanks for all!