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Ibanez TSA30 Schematic and PCB Layout

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Here is the circuit diagram and PCB layout for Ibanez Tube Screamer Amplifier TSA30.

Thanks to vitrolin for sharing!



Thanks - extremely helpful - these amplifiers have been a curse to fix from day one - I have seen many with the same intermittent buzzing fault - almost pulled what is left of my hair trying to fix the suckers. The fault is capacitor C20, a 470uf 25v filter capacitor - I replaced this with a 2200uf 25v type - problem fixed ! Hope this helps anyone else out there :)

Thanks Bajaman, handy to know little details like that. :tu:
I wonder why they run the preamp heater filaments at 10 volts ???

J M Fahey:
I also wondered that the first time I saw it.
Not sure whether calling this weird or plain stupid.

They use a single regulator, here shown as a 10V one, to power both filaments, which require 12V (in fact, 12.6) and the Tube Screamer, which requires 9V .
So somebody finds himself very intelligent because he "split the difference" and saved one regulator  :loco, using a single 7810 instead of one 7812 (which to be perfect requires a diode to ground at the grund leg so it outputs 12.6V) PLUS a 7809 for the TS.
Maybe they gave him a bonus for the incredible savings  :duh

Personally I´d use a 7812, and increase the value of the resistor feeding the TS (R46) from 220r to about 1k2, which should give it poorly regulated 9V , more like a 9V battery would do.

Thanks for the detail,,Yes I guess it's no surprise as everyone is trying to scratch out every last cent.
I figured it would run fine just by changing the reg to 12Volt and the TS circuit would sound much the same.


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