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Hello everyone. I come with you to ask for help, in this case for a bass amplifier ALESIS BASS 125EQ, which has an output amplifier similar to the HH-IC-100, after some measurements and having not detected any damaged component, I come across an oscillation at the output of (12.8 Khz), with an amplitude of 23.5 Volts, after checking the power board and components, I did not detect any anomaly, I even changed the input integrated one LM741, for a NE5534, the result was same.
I don't know what else to do, the components appear to be OK, but then the result is disastrous.
I thank you in advance for your precious help.
Best regards

Julio Daniel

Hello everyone
This is my first post and I am in need of help, to make some changes to an Acoustics Torque 12 amplifier, I need the diagram. I've already made some changes such as: I changed the original 8 "speaker to a 10" Celestion Tube 10, I replaced the TDA2030 output chip with a TDA 2050, I intend to include a MOD 8EB2C1B reverb line, the driver for this line already it is built and tested, all that remains is to reach the line that is already ordered.
In addition to the scheme I am open to all suggestions.
My thanks in advance.
Best regards