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May 19, 2022, 03:59:40 AM

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The Enclosures Thread

Started by Crystallas, April 12, 2006, 04:14:44 AM

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So we all know, the power inside of that box may mean a whole lot, but you dont get any respect for the build without a nice enclosure.

So why not a post for ideas about enclosures and such.

I have a few cabinets that I use for certain projects, so usually a rack unit has been more than enough to get my build going, but in many situations I find myself needing shelf units aswell.

Heres a list of sites that sell and make eclosures.

For the frugal and creative folk.
Some things that make great enclosures come from older electronics.
NES cases are awesome for the nostalgic.
Ive used old printers, speaker cabs, computer cases, VCRs and other set-top boxes, fish tanks, cigar boxes... to build quicky crap here and there :)
You can always buy acrylic from the local hardware shop.
Various types of wood.
Sheet metals... ect.
And everyones favorite pocket amp... the altoids tin! :)


I usually take a sturdy sheet of metal and bend it to either U or L shape using a wooden hammer and some bars of wood that act as "guides". I wish i had an access to bending machine...


Very handy!

For oddball ideas take a look at the mini-itx site:

I've been looking in thrift shops for one of those old stylish toasters.  I was going to have the power supply toroid sticking out like a bagel.  And put some red LEDs or that neon wire stuff in so it'd look like it's toasting.  :D

This stuff can be a lot of fun.


I used an old CB base station case for my lm3886 amp.  It worked out alright.  I think my next one will go into a rack unit.
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