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Fixed! All good. Thanks.
Quote from: g1 on June 04, 2024, 01:39:49 PMIt would be preferable to mount the other way if possible, with less exposed wiring.
The 2 black wires are carrying the 120V and you don't want any chance of a user being able to come in contact with them, or for them to get damaged.  Also, if those wires are not going through an original hole, the new hole can not have any sharp edges.
If you can, flip it over and mount so the 2 black wires are closest to the hole the wires route through.
Aside from that, the FM65 transformer is a great match for voltages and power capability (for Bandit 65).

I'm going to leave it as is. Its my amp and I'm careful with my stuff so I dont see me damaging the wires. I used the original wire hole that has a grommet so thats no issue. No sharp edges to be seen!! All good. Thanks.
It was from a fender frontman 65. Not sure how to post pix without having them hosted by website..
I mounted it with no issues. The original holes ended up lining up after all, no issues with operation, no humm, buzz.  8)
Hi, I have a replacement transformer I'm going to install in my Peavey Bandit 65. Its not a direct replacement so the mounting holes are different. Question is does the transformer have to mounted a certain way? Does it latter which way is up? Thanks
Quote from: g1 on May 18, 2024, 02:25:27 PMYou need a power transformer that puts out 60V center-tapped (30-0-30) good for at least 120VA.  If it's not the exact peavey unit, you will have to drill and cut to make it physically fit the chassis.
Im looking at the schematic... looks like it says 42.8V+, 42.8- coming out of the transformer after the diodes. Then goes through a pair of resistors down to 15V+, 15V-. Dont I need a transformer that is 42.8-0-42.8? Im not good with transformers so bear with me..Thanks.
Located in Toronto Canada. Thanks thus far...
Quote from: DrGonz78 on May 19, 2024, 12:19:47 AMWhat method did you use to make the conclusion that the transformer is shorted?
I watched a dlab vid. He shows how to check the transformer. I did his test and it failed. Also when I turned the amp on I could hear the transformer frying, bubling sound. Its toast.
Yeah, expensive. Looking to do this on the cheap. Makes no sense to add a hundred dollar part to a 50 dollar amp.
Hi, Recently I was given an old peavey bandit 65 amp with issues. I replaced the old electrolytics and in the process some solder dripped across the board bridging some traces. I turned the amp on not knowing and fried the transformer as a result. I need a replacement transformer but am having a hard time finding one thats not bloody expensive. What criteria needs to be met when looking for a new transformer? Can I buy not peavey branded, generic? The part number for the fried part is 70518713.