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Amplifier Discussion / Adafruit PAM8302 Amplifer
July 12, 2022, 04:22:47 AM
I've built a couple of pedals in recent times, an 8" speaker cab plus a ruby amp and have been thinking about building a more complex amp but not too keen on doing mains powered at this stage. From a comment by joecool85 in a honey amp thread I found out about the PAM8302 board by adafruit and have been playing around in LTSpice to build a preamp for it.

Basically it's tubescreamer type clipping but with filter rolloff at around 10Hz and 10kHz. R28 is a gain pot (500k) This is followed by a runoffgroove tonemender tonestack, which I think is a modded Fender/Marshall/Vox. Pots are R7/R8, R9 and R10. Then some clipping diodes to soft limit if there's a big signal coming in and then a 5x boost in case of small/clean signals. R14 is master volume.

I have no idea if it's going to sound good but I'm currently working up a parts order to build a prototype. My current thinking is maybe to breadboard it but maybe build the various modules/stages on stripboard with some sockets for components and screw terminals so I can swap modules out.