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July 02, 2022, 07:50:17 AM

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Searching schematic fender GDEC 3 thirty.

Started by scoobynuts, June 17, 2022, 10:01:14 AM

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Hi all
My first post!

I've got a fender GDEC 3 thirty. It's got very attenuated volume.

There is a fried resistor on the main board beside a voltage regulator. It's Crispy so I can't read the colour bands.  It's R269 so I'm looking for a schematic to see what it's value is.

I found a schematic but it must be  older/newer since it didn't have that resistor.
Any help much appreciated.


Is this the resistor attached to the 12 volt regulators?


It's in this schematic: 130 ohms/1W

You cannot view this attachment.


One schematic with 3886 output with +/- 31 volts supply has 130 ohms in the PSU circuit.
The other schematic with 2050 output with +/- 22 volts supply has 10 ohms in PSU circuit
No mention about the output power in both the schematics.