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June 23, 2024, 11:39:19 PM

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Award Session/Morley JD10 pots

Started by stax, October 28, 2014, 04:35:51 PM

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Hi all,
Recently built a JD10 preamp which called for all five pots (gain,vol,treb ,mid and bass) to be 220K lin, the original schematic is online and does say 220K B, but I'm  starting to think this may be the old european B for log and I should have gone with all log  as everthing is ful on in the first part of the pots travel and it is hard to dial in  especially as I go for lower gain tones. Any advice would be welcome, cheers.

J M Fahey

As always, link the schematic here, please.


As always? This is my first post! Forget it.


If you say theory and practice don't agree you haven't applied enough theory.


What a bunch of unfriendly, arrogant wankers.

J M Fahey

So YOU are asking for help and WE must search data for you?

Data which you already have, by the way?

You remind me of this guy, who also got VERY angry because he begged for a smoke and didn't get the brand he liked:

Same attitude, by the way  8)


Quote from: stax on October 28, 2014, 05:35:58 PM
As always? This is my first post! Forget it.

He even said "please" and this is how you reply?

Quote from: stax on October 29, 2014, 03:19:07 AM
What a bunch of unfriendly, arrogant wankers.

I think you should look in the mirror.
If it ain't broke I'll fix it until it is.


If you really want help post the schematic and quit yer B*****in.



I am not sure why people are just flat out looking to get upset. I mean I get the "as always" statement is what caused this guy to get his panties in a bunch. To me his response is reaching for a reason to get all butt hurt and not really a larger concern to get help. Now if Juan were to say to the guy "Hey Stupid!! As Always..." then I would not think he was reaching,  :lmao:. Still I guess weeding out the overly thin skinned folks on post #1 is a good thing then.
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

J M Fahey

Of course the "as always" comment does not refer to him (who is he by the way, never saw him before) but to the typical question "my amp does not work well: R44 seems toasted, C24 is leaking hot glue and I measure 38V on TP9" .... with no schematic or even brand or model mentioned.

And "the schematic is online" sounds similar to the answer hot girls  <3) give me when I ask their phone: "it's on the phone book"  :lmao:

Of course his correct and polite answer would have been: "sorry, here it is" and either the schematic itself in all its glory or a direct link.

Even brand and model are not enough, just a couple days ago Enzo was helping somebody and voltage readings suggested and actually found were incredibly different ... same model and brand but different versions.


"Thin skinned"?

Nah, I reccon this is a lame attempt at trolling.

There's one in every crowd.  Out of the roughly 10k emails AVA has generated, I can only remember two that were abusive - one guy took instant exception to my anti-PDF opinions, without actually troubling himself to actually read them first, of course.  Worked for Adobe I guess.

::)   :duh   :lmao:

Second guy I've KillerDogged here (and doesn't that date me  8| ).

Beats me.

The guy who said he wanted to learn about designing amps, then balks at applying Ohms Law.  "I want to learn to swim, but I don't want to be bothered moving my limbs".  Well sink then, and see if I give a rats-arse.  There are 999 others out their who actually want to learn, and at a notional $60/Hr, a few odd folks just aren't worth it.

Then a common turn of phase (from a ESL speaker) and it's  faaaar...;


Lurk moar!

What looks like "arrogance" is actually just condensed experience, at least a no-bullshit couple of hundred man-years of designing, building, repairing, modifying, stage amps amps of all kinds, types and descriptions.

And very willing to guide, help, hand-hold all sorts of people through diagnosing and repairing equipment problems of all sorts.

For fuggin' nothing.  Copping attitood is above my pay rate.

{...or as a friend of mine once said when called arrogant, "Yes, but it's backed up by competence."}

This is the friggin' workshop man, this is where you come if you are a serious working musician and want to get things done, get your broken amp fixed.

Heavy Metal forums seem to be good for trolling and starting flame wars ...  ("just change all the capacitors/transformers/tubes/pots") 

If you say theory and practice don't agree you haven't applied enough theory.


Hi Stax,

I myself build two of these, and i have three originals. As you can guess, do i love these.
The pots are log pots on the originals!
To get a neutral tone out of these babies, you have to to set your tonestack like:

treble full ccv, mid full cv, bass just above noone.

This will give you a very pleasant uncolered tone.

I will never live without it, and play it as a preamp before my amp like, od efx into JD10 and delay after then into amp with amps normal settings. I set it to a slightly crunchy tone and leave it on all the time. It takes pedals very very well and behave like an amp.


RE: JD10 Pots:
I know this thread is old, but all this drama and not one person actually answered the original question?
OK - here goes: The pots in the JD10 are all marked 220KB. They are however, all 220K Log 10% taper.
I have an original that has always had an issue with the pots getting noisy so today I pulled them all off the pc board, disassembled them and swabbed them out with solvent, (VM&P Naptha) and buffed the wiper contacts, which looked tarnished - and I believe that is why they kept getting noisy. I reassembled them and sprayed each with Caig F-5, then soldered them in place. So far so good. Only time will tell if this is a long term fix or if they will get scratchy again in a couple months. 


Quote from: eaudio on January 12, 2022, 03:48:41 AM
RE: JD10 Pots:
I know this thread is old, but all this drama and not one person actually answered the original question?
Check the last post right before yours, he mentions the originals were log pots.   :)