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I'm thinking about buying a used '70s Carvin ST212 Combo, based on the ST2500 head. There aren't any videos (that I could find) online that demo this amp, so I'm posting this in hopes that someone out there owns, or has tried one. I'm looking for something portable to play live shows. Most important to me is the clean channel. I currently own one amp, a Peavey VTM 120. I love it's dirt tone, but it definitely lacks a clean sound. The ST212 has 2 channels, which I assume is one clean and one dirty. This amp hasn't been on my radar, but the price is right, so it's worth a test drive. I was originally interested in the Randal RG80 combo, until I found out that it's two channels bleed into one another. I'd prefer a 1x12 combo, just based on it's weight, but like I was saying, the price is right for this 2x12.