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February 08, 2023, 08:54:16 PM

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Want to fix my Traynor Bass Mate 25

Started by Bubba T, January 16, 2022, 12:50:00 PM

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Bubba T

 Hello fellow members , I have a Traynor Bass Mate 25 model# YS1076 that works when it wants . I am a beginner bass player . I bought the amp second hand and it worked fine until now . I got myself a multimeter and want to fix it myself . Can someone please give some advice as to where do I start / Question mark . my key board will not type a question mark / do not know why . Thank you for any help at all . Regards; Bubba T



Be more specific about the complaint.  DO you mean it works well sometimes and not others?  Or never really works well?  And what exactly does it do or not do that is the issue?

If it does something wrong, if you whack the top of it with your fist, will that bring it back?  At least temporarily.


There are no stupid questions.
There are only stupid mistakes.

Bubba T

 Hello fellow members of SSG . I would just like to thank everyone who responded to my post about upgrading or fixing my Traynor Bass Mate 25 . Well , I'm very pleased and happy to let everyone know that I read most of all the helpful suggestions . (as there where a lot of responses )  I bought the Fender Rumble LT25 , and I'm really diggin it . Thank you one and all .