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October 03, 2023, 07:59:55 PM

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Laney VC30 Output Transformer

Started by ilyaa, December 12, 2019, 01:06:25 AM

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if you were replacing a blown OT in this 30 Watt, 4xEl84 amp, which one would you get?




(not sure if they have that one - i e-mailed em)




any other suggestions?

part of my issue is the stock transformer thats in the amp is very small - its snuggled between the second preamp 12ax7 and the PI - would like to find something small so i dont have to destroy the chassis putting the new one in.....

thank you!


The links are mostly for 6V6, you need a Tx for EL84.
IIRC a quad of EL84 needs a primary winding plate to plate of 4k.  Pri Z is usually just written as (4k pp) on data sheets.
Others here might know places in your location to find a Tx that will work well for that amp.


1760J looks like it would be close.

Generally a pair of 6V6 use ~6k pp
while a pair of EL84 would be ~8k pp

The reality is,
there are many OT parameters that effect the final outcome.