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September 27, 2022, 03:29:47 AM

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Soundking Amplifiers

Started by tonyharker, September 12, 2011, 02:34:58 PM

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Does anyone know anything about these amplifiers.  Made in China.
Just won one on eBay for £5 would you believe. A 20watt "Practice" amplifier with digital reverb.
Reverb not very good. A bit like extended echo if you know what I mean.
Seems to work alright uses a TDA2030A in the output, into a 4 ohm speaker rated at 30 watts.
Sounds OK except for the reverb.

J M Fahey

We don't, it's a generic amp made by the millions, but it would be great if you posted a couple sharp pictures of its guts, so we keep up with current building techniques.
Are the IC labels readable?
If not so in the picture, please add a small text.
I guess the "reverb" is some cheeeeap delay IC, the kind used in Karaoke CD players.
Maybe we can look up its datasheet.
Will probably be in Chinese only, though. (has happened to me before)
I guess that shows who runs the business now and how far behind we are being left.


Here's a couple of pics of the insides.  All PCB as you can see. 
The Delay chip is a Mitsubishi M65831AP.  The delay is not not variable just depth.
I don't know where I'd get the schematic, I emailed the manufacturer in China but I'm not holding my breath!

J M Fahey

It's interesting, no strange parts there, so even without schematic you won't have much trouble repairing any future problem.
Statistically you can have a dead output (that area is most generic so ....) and "mechanicals" , meaning jacks, pots, switches, connectors or wiring, so it's somewhat intuitive.
As òf the delay chip, I was quite close:
QuoteThe M65831A is an IC developed for producing echo effects added to voice signals
picked up by microphone for karaoke applications.
The IC has the largest memory among the digital delay series. As it's design is aimed
at high performance, it is best suited to provide radio cassette tape recorders and
miniature unit audio system
with quality echo function.
so no surprises here.
It must be dirt cheap, much less than the cheapest cheesiest reverb.
Oh well.