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September 27, 2022, 04:24:48 AM

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Cant find anything on Kustom K8320 Powered Mixer

Started by paelgin, January 31, 2015, 12:15:20 PM

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Anybody know anything about a Kustom powered mixer, K8320?  It appears to be fairly old, has 8 inputs (XLR and 1/4") with 160W x 2 out, but it has a unique 1/4" patchbay on the front panel.

I am following an ebay auction for a broken ("Unit does not function, sold AS IS, for repair or parts") powered mixer. It is incorrectly identified as a KB320, but appears to be a K8320 (8 inputs, 160W x 2 = 320).  I tried to attach picture saved from auction.

I cannot find any information about that model anywhere: not on Kustom website, not in Google searches, not even a picture in Google images. 

I might be interested in buying and fixing, but maybe not if I can't find a schematic. Depending on what's wrong, I could probably fix it anyway but easier with schematic.

However, I am absolutely _fascinated_ that this mixer is so obscure that no information is floating out there.  I might want it anyway...

Phil, in beautiful Talking Rock, Georgia, USA.


Simple typo on the ebay listing.

Why oh why does everyone assume that if something is not on a company's web site, they don't have it.  CONTACT Kustom and ask if they can provide the schematic.  As a courtesy, include the serial number of the unit.

It would be useful to determine what is wrong with the unit.  No schematic required to go that far.  Does it power up, or blow fuses?  If it powers up, does either power amp work?  Are there not jacks on either the front or rear called power amp in?   Assuming it doesn't blow fuses, with speakers connected, do they thump or pop when power is turned on?   Or for that matter does either make a LOUD hum sound?  If so turn it off immediately.  Even if the power amps don't work, you can test the mixer/preamp.  Plug a signal into a channel input and turn up the gain and master midway.  Now look for a jack called main out or something similar, and connect that to some other amp and speaker.  Does that sound come out the other amp?

J M Fahey

^^^^^^^^  [+10]

That said:
1) it's one of the "modern" kustoms, completely unrelated to the old glorious Naugahyde covered ones (or their tolexed version: Kasino).

Just an old brand glued to a generic cheap made by the millions Chinese/Korean OEM amp .

Agree that they probably have the schematic on file.

They had a tendency to use SANKEN hybrid power modules (think big custom made chipamps)  which may both be a blessing and a curse.

The blessing? : you read the chip number, google the datasheet (Sanken is a BIG manufacturer) and presto, you have the Factory suggested schematic, which 99'9% of the time matches the one you have.

For the very simple reason that an amp designer who relies on such a chip often wants to simplify his life, so he goes for the "frozen TV dinner" solution instead of "cooking his own".

The curse?: if it's obsolete/unavailable no other will be compatible, those Sanken are very specific.

Don't know your degree of commitment.

Personally I'd buy it for $35 (bid 15 minutes before it ends) and see what I find.

Worst case, would junk the power amp and use existing supply to power a generic 160+160 or mono 300W EBay kit.
But it might not fit :(

Ask for the schematic first, and post it here at once, that's the safest path.


Thanks for the thoughts. 

I did not bid, nor did anyone else for $35 plus $30 shipping.  I wonder if he will re-list.  (Bad timing for me, since we are moving next week and shouldn't take the time to add another project. But I wanted to so bad...)

The only info I found was a small write-up saying it's from 1990.  Never did even find a third-party picture of it (just the auction photos), even on 20 pages of Google images.

Kustom website has no contact email, but I tried once to call the Customer Service number, but no answer. 

I'll see if it comes up again...

Phil, in beautiful Talking Rock, Georgia, USA, soon to be in gorgeous Young Harris, Georgia, USA.