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December 07, 2023, 04:11:03 PM

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New Pt2 demo video

Started by petey twofinger, March 31, 2012, 10:04:29 PM

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petey twofinger

diy buffer pedal demo vid :


home made pedal power supply  :


its actually a bit more flexible than "just for pedals"  , but  ...

thanks for watching !   :)


i have a question about the pedal power, how much pedals can u power by it?

petey twofinger

the analog effects and older effects draw much less current , so a fuzz , od , treble booster , anything that is not digital uses a tiny amount of current or amps , like 20 milliamps to 60 milliamps . the ditital delays , digital based pedals , modelers , digital chorus and flange draw more , and that info is available from the manual / manufacturer . i would guess 200 milliamps and up .

it would be important to add up all the total milliamps your rig or all the pedals pull . then add more regulators IF needed .

in the case of my power brick , there are two lm7809 each one is rated at 1 amp , so i have a total output of 2 amps available thru that circuit before it got hot blew the fuse or failed  . that would equal 2000 milliamps so i could run a bunch analogs and say 5 200 higher draw digitals if they pulled around 200 ma each .

thing is the power supply i have feeding it is rated at 1.6 amps (1600 ma) , with a higher current output unit powering it (4 amps) , or a deep cell for remote use i could push it more , but ...

this particular unit was more designed as a "all in one solution" cause it has 3 , 5 , 6 , 9, and 12 volt ports . i plan on doing an all pedal p.s. ,  ten output one , 7 ports @ 9 v neg , one @ 9 volt pos (fuzz face) and 2 at 12 volt or something like that .