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December 07, 2023, 04:06:08 PM

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30 watt stereo battery powered guitar amp hack

Started by petey twofinger, January 23, 2012, 08:10:52 PM

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petey twofinger


my latest home made amplifier . stereo , 30 watt , built in ac adapters and also a selaed lead acid 12 volt battery for LONG play . the "front end" is a korg pandora . i got the speaker box on craigslist free section . this puppy sounds sooo sweet ! its loud too . 6 inch sony xplode automotive speakers i got free , thanks Ken and Nancy !!!!! the amp is a ta2024 from ebay ... i may cut in an effects loop , but , i dont know if i need it yet . have to do some patch editing on the pandora , it has usb and patch software yahooo !


this was a super fun project , thanks to my wife and kids who did most of the work . i pace around , drinking / farting and cursng a lot . they didnt get too many splinters but my kid got a really bad solder burn on her face .

jk .


petey twofinger

not sure she is out putting a new clutch the volvo right now . she's better hurry up , its really snowing hard and last i checked there is school tomorrow !

you know what they say kindergarten only happens once ...

JK = joke