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Author Topic: Attenuator question  (Read 13481 times)


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Re: Attenuator question
« Reply #30 on: January 16, 2011, 08:50:16 AM »
Common or Ground is common to both Amp and Speaker,, if you isolate one then there is no circuit path.

You can put it in a metal/ alloy box and ground the box to circuit common and you will be fine.

I make a point of using a short cord from Amp and then a chassis socket for speaker out.
That way it's impossible the plug it in the wrong way.

Amp and speaker Common wires go to pin 1.
Amp Hot to pin 3,, Speaker Hot goes to pin 2.

A 50 Watt Lpad is a bit misleading as it's usually reffering to HiFi system wattage where the Lpad is not passing any low frequency.

Used as a full bandwidth Attenuator you need to derate that wattage,, hence they get quite hot and often self distruct if more than 15 or 20 Watts is passed.

Cheers Phil.