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Author Topic: True Bypass Looper with External Control  (Read 4131 times)


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True Bypass Looper with External Control
« on: September 25, 2010, 07:31:16 AM »
Hey guys!

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't decide where it belong, if anywhere... I know this is an amp forum but you guys were such great help when I needed it that I thought you guys could please help again.

Anyway to the point... I use a distortion pedal for my dirty tone and I have a TC Electronics G Major for my effects. I cant afford a midi controller so instead I'm using the external control input of the G Major with a keyboards momentary switch to switch between two groups of effects for clean and dirty tones. So obviously my problem here is I need to press 2 pedals at once (Distortion and Momentary) to get my desired clean and dirty tones.

My solution to this problem is, by using one of the G Majors built in relays, I can use it to switch on a bypass looper and then use the momentary switch to activate the relay. So I went ahead, bought 5 mono jacks, 2 LED's, a DC input jack and a DPDT Relay. This worked, however I never added an on/off switch. So I sat down and thought of what else I could add to this. I decided I want a on/off LED, 2 inputs that are chosen by a switch - each with an LED (I want two inputs - one on the back and one of the front - so I can connect one to my wireless and have one on the front for if I want to plug straight in, this box comes first in my effects chain) and finally an LED for either loop on or Bypassed. So enough of my rambling, I drew up a schematic and wanted to check with you guys whether it looks correct and whether anything in it is overkill such as the DPDT relay that controls which input is active, could I just use a toggle switch or is a relay going to give a better connection?

Oh one last thing... what resistor's should Blue LED's have to run off 9v and not be blinding? on my original simple bypass looper the LED were so bright they lit up my room with the light off...

Here's the schematic I hand drew, hopefully nothings unclear on it, Its the first schematic I've drawn completely myself.

Thanks in advance for any help/feedback anyone may give :)