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July 30, 2021, 06:39:26 AM

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Author Topic: "help making a pre-amp for an acoustic guitar with under saddle transducer"  (Read 3219 times)


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Hi Guys I now have a decent soldering iron and a bucket of enthusiasm

I buy pre amps to increase the output of the under saddle transducer pickups I fit to the acoustic guitars I make (hobby builder) can I make a simple pre amp to just boost the signal ,no eq volume ect  must be 9v battery powered that I can mount  inside the guitar that’s a simple schematic that even a novice can understand


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There are three very simple preamps I know of that would fit your description. All are variations on the same theme. They are easy to find, just google them. First and most classic is the Tillman one-fet preamp. This is super easy and has been around a LONG time. There are even instructions for how to fit one in a 1/4" plug on a cable. The classic uses a J-201 FET, but there is a version for an mpf-102 as well. I've built both. Next is a derivative called the "piezo pre", which is basically a tillman pre someone tuned for use with piezo pickups. I have not built this. Next is the "fetzer valve" from runoffgroove.com. This is a well like one. I've built several.

All these are super simple, one-transistor builds, run off 9 volts, and are small enough to be easily mounted on board a guitar. There are others out there too, but these are good starting places.
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