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Your comments and perspective are tremendously helpful and appreciated. I don't plan to layer on any digital efx other than at the beginning out of curiosity. The Lowden is too nice to junk up.

Your take on piezo pickups is valuable. A performer friend is urging me to look at the Myers percussion pickups based on performance, quality and eliminating the need to modify the Lowden. Are you familiar with the Myers products?

I wasn't even thinking about getting an amp, but the Kustom was $100 and did seem to me like a decent acoustic amp. So I figured I could play around with it and if I don't like/need it, I can always sell it for at least as much as I paid.

It's being delivered by my son tomorrow and we'll see how it looks. Then I have to decide whether to mic it or install a pickup. I'm leaning toward Myers.
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Bench Setup
November 04, 2014, 08:29:39 AM
7. crying towel (for those !!&?$! intermittents)
I'll betray my newbie status and confess that I don't know what's meant by a dedicated acoustic amp. I've noodled around for 50+ years with steel string folk guitars -- a Lowden 12-string cutaway since 1984 --  but never have used or owned an amp.

Here's a link to the amp. You tell me whether it's dedicated.

Avery in Potomac, Md.
About to pick one up and I like to have repair info on hand. Kustom doesn't provide service manuals. Thanks for any info!

Later edit:
Kustom kame, I mean came, through! I now have a complete and very clean schematic with parts values marked, thanks to a nice guy at Kustom's parent company. He told me there is no service manual for the amp.

If somebody else needs it, email me and I'll send a pdf.

Major props to Kustom.