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Amplifier Discussion / DIY amp directions
« on: August 25, 2014, 07:10:38 PM »
Hi There,

My husband is an avid Fender guy and plays around with building his own guitars.  I would love to surprise him by building a guitar amp for him out of something cool, like a beer can, thermos, or lunch box.  I've seen some ideas online, and spent an hour at Radio Shack trying to piece some parts  together today based on an idea I saw on, but I don't think I've got a great plan.  I don't know how to read schematics, but I am willing to do that research to figure it out if necessary.  I would love a relatively simple but fully functional and very cool plan for creating an amp for him.  I'm thinking something like the Smokey Amp, but in another casing.  Hope you can help!!


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