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I have a B&O ICEpower 200ASC that I was thinking about using for the output of a guitar amplifier.

I also have a 500VA Hammond toroid power transformer 120/240:120/240... I'd wire it 1:1.

The purpose would be to maybe "warm up" the sound a bit.

Am I asking for trouble / bad idea?
I was thinking of trying this, but I don't have a lot of experience using FETs. I'd like to try the conventional arrangement of common Anode and Cathode resistors...but I'm guessing the LND150 will need something different for biasing.

Thanks in advance for any education on this.
Preamps and Effects / Re: Fet version of the JCM800
January 08, 2018, 09:42:45 PM
Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread as my first post. I've been looking at KMG's LND150 circuit for a while and I'm interested in breadboarding it to try it out.

Are there through-hole versions of the BAT54S, BAV70, and ESIJ? I've never tried soldering SMD parts...but it looks like a pain, especially if not using a pcb with SMD pads. If there isn't a direct equivalent, what specs are important to crossover?