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Amplifier Discussion / Building a Ruby
« on: February 05, 2007, 05:32:33 PM »
Hey guys. New guy here. Also new to building amps and stuff.
Just thought I'd start out with something small, so I picked the Ruby.
Just went and ordered the parts for this baby. I'm heard a lot of good things about this one.
I'm doing the Hiwatt modification specified, but leaving out the added headroom mod.
Any thoughts on this amp? Things to be wary about when building it?

Also, I'm planing to build this as compact as possible, so I can just put it in my guitar case. Not too small a fit, as the compartment is fairly sizable, but still - compact. I have a couple of 1.5" speakers, but I believe they're just stereo speakers.
I was thinking out about just buying a 6" speaker from Ted Weber, and building it into a tiny amp enclosure, like the Pignose 7-100, but I'd like to see what anyone else thought, or if they knew where to get a smaller speaker suited for guitar.
I've also considered just buying a broken miniature amp, like the Marshall one, and gutting it and replacing it with the Ruby.

Amplifier Discussion / Re: Help?!?!?! Pignose 7-100 Mod???
« on: February 05, 2007, 04:19:14 PM »
Saw this a while ago...But I didn't know anything about the schematic of the Pignose, so I didn't bother trying to change anything.
I'm looking into speaker replacements...So far I've found that Jensen and Weber make 6 inch speakers, but I fear those might be too big for the Pignose.
Any ideas?

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