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Amplifier Discussion / help with 70's solid state head
December 10, 2007, 12:20:23 AM
its an old peavey standard 260.i want to overdrive it at a lower volume level,but it has only one volume control,i looked into hotplates,but they damage ss amps.can i just mod a second volume switch into it?they make other versions of my amp with a master volume so i dont think those 260s would be terribly sure somebody on here knows a hevck of a lot more about this then i do.
i just got this beast to ape greg ginns guitar sound,but i just found out he used the 4 channel pa head.i have the 2 channel guitar there going to be a huge difference or am i just nitpicking?ive noticed that there is only one volume knob per channel,and to overdrive the sound it has to be super loud,which is kind of disapointing,anyways,im rambling but if someebody knows more then i do about this thing,id love to hear just what i have