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caused by a pure nostalgic wave, I purchased an old fender eighty five, in very good condition.
It was my first amp, back in 89/90 , can't remember exactky. At the time it seemed it was very musical. With my current ears...mmmh, not so much.

Clean channel is beyond brittleness, it's almost a kinfe, dirt channel with gain at 0 is far better but still it sounds 'strange', at least compared to my princeton RI.
85 it's glassy, it's thin. I've noticed that if I connect directly the guitar to the amp in the sound is far better, it's only low (and driy, with no vol control or reverb, ok).

I checked the only schematics I've found, the studio85, I assume it's very similar if not identical.
The clean channell seems not having any real filtering, just like a common fender first tube stage, then the signal is routed directly to the tone control or to an additional  'dirt' stage, much more filtered, it depends on the channel switching.

To me the tone stack , in common with the two channel, seems a lot like a standard fender tone control, I simulated in the response and it's comparable, except a bit attenuated.

Ok, Are there any known mod to bring some warm and or get rid of all this glassyness ?

thank you in advance for your kind help.


I've found the schematic for example here: