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June 19, 2024, 03:14:17 PM

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Help adding a FX loop on a Washburn VGA 30

Started by bardaro, February 20, 2023, 04:09:19 PM

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Hi everyone. I recently bought a Washburn VGA 30 amp and I'm in love with its overdrive. For lead parts, I feel it needs some reverb (putting a reverb/delay before the amp doesn't sound good, because the overdrive is after). Since the amp doesn't have a reverb unit, I'm considering the addition of an FX loop.

I have someone specializing in electronics who'll help me, but I need to provide him with some guidance. I'd really appreciate any help. The amp schematic can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn6herqivuxqdc8/VGA-30.jpg?dl=0

Thanks in advance!


Welcome bardaro, :)
Best place is most likely between output of Volume and R131 (10k)


Thanks a lot, Phil!

I saw there are some FX loop kits available on the market, but they are for tube amps only. I read that for solid-state amps things are easier. Do you know what it's needed to create one?



Well This is about as easy as it gets you need 2 sockets one with a switch.
The return switch opens when you insert a lead. See pic.
You may be able to just lift the input end of that 10k resistor or you may have to cut a trace on the pcb and insert the loop there. Don't forget the ground back to the circuit board
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I totally agree with Phil, somewhere between the volume pot and IC102.
It would be best before or after R131, if the picture I found on the net is correct then there are 2 PCB's in that amp.
I would find the correct wire between the pre-amp PCB and the power-amp/ power supply PCB and cut that wire to install the 2 Jacks.
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I keep thinking/hoping that Phil plays Bass guitar with a moniker like PHATT, Phatt just makes me think of a deep fat bass riff being played.

I know its made up from parts of his name, but still, what a cool name for a bass player. :)
There are no stupid questions.
There are only stupid mistakes.


Oh Tassie, yes it does conjure up a picture I guess. ;D
Mate I have trouble going from a fender to a Gibson as the different scale length just messes my brain something shocking.
And PRS scale length I'm get lost past the 7th fret.
So a Bass scale length is just way out of my ability.
As for drums you have to use hands and feet. ARRH!
My feet are too far away from my brain. ::)

I used to have a Lespaul copy for years but once I started playing Fenders I was able to expand my ability further up the fret board.
Because I tend to finger pick a fair bit
It's darn hard trying to play a 3 note triad past the 12th fret on a Gibson whereas on a fender it's so much easier and I'm able to do much more on the higher frets.
I know many players seem to have no trouble swapping scale lengths but my brain just grabs the wrong fret even if I'm looking at the fret board.
But I know my ability improved rapidly once I started using Fender Scale length.