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June 23, 2024, 11:04:05 PM

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Confusion about Brian Wampler’s modified MXR Distortion Plus

Started by SurreyNick, March 09, 2018, 04:12:19 PM

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Mmm. That's seems to be pretty much ideal. Thanks  :)

I think I'll still build the modified MXR, just because I've come this far thanks to all the help I've had here.  I'll post a picture up once it's built. Then I'll have a go at tackling this 20 watt beastie  :tu:


Just gathering the components together for the build and I find contradictory recommendations for the pots and jack sockets.

In a couple of blogs/threads authors recommend a stereo socket for the input and I can't see why.  Most others recommend mono for input and output.  Is there any reason for a stereo input?

When it comes to Pots, for the Gain pot the original DIY MXR spec calls for a reverse log pot, but in a lot of threads/blogs there are various recommendations for log pots and also for linear audio taper pots.  There are three pots needed: One for Gain (1M ohm), one for Volume (500K), and one for Tone (1M).  I can find a 1M reverse log pot but the max power rating is just 0.1W and I don't know if this is sufficient.  For the best result what should I use?