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cool.. tnx!
I am sorry if my reply is HIjacking the thread, but my question is so similar that is would be weird to make a new post.
For a friend I am building a small practice amp based on this amp:
With lots of help from Ian Thompson-Bell I am adding his great poor men's eqp1a Pultec eq. (check his websites: and

Now I want to add a nice little reverb. The amp will be too small to house an actual spring reverb unit. Anyone any clues on what kind of reverb to put in here?


and I guess any build needs a thorough understanding of what you are doing.. something which i thoroughly lack.. part of the fun so far!
I made the board with photosensitive pcb and a light unit.. works pretty easy.. problem is.. I have not worked on this project for months.. and I have no clue anymore! S I am going back to the last approved schematic, and start all over from there!
Been a really long time.. but I am back on this subject... I made my first pcb and it looks like this:

It looks to me that I have to build it slightly larger, since there seem to be some connecting problem area's...  especially in the crowded top of the board. No problems though. I am going to start on that now.. but as usual.. comments very welcome!

ok... so it should look something like this:
thank you both... working on a corrected version!
so that would be something like this:

inverted though,...
What for me is still a bit unclear is what exactly to print... just the brd picture?
seriously.. that bad?
this is the original provided by beavis audio:

I seriously do not see that much difference... apart from the solder pads for the pots and the different type of chip since eagle did not have the original.. could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?



Here's next version:

I have ordered items for photo positive boards, that looks like fun!
Hi all

I am planning to combine a tonestack (phabbtone) and a noisy cricket. For that reason I am redrawing the noisy cricket schematic in its most basic form: without on/off switch and without LED. Could anyone please take a look at this schematic to see if I have it right?
I have replaced the pots with solder pads to be able to solder them off board.

I am still quite new to all of this so I would really appreciate it if someone would take a minute to see if this schematic is right...

Tnx a lot

Thanks Phil!

Latest version of the board for a single well regulated psu:

big pads, big traces, right size caps... 5 x 4 cm

And this should be the board for a split powersupply:

I can't really get into the details at the moment... but there will the next few months very little possibility to do a lot of tuning... but for now I just need the eq boards on a relative short notice. So I would be rally happy if you could at least check if the schematic I used will work... I am especially a bit worried about the power supply. At the moment there is only one pad for power, +9v... is that correct?


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