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Hi all

I am planning to combine a tonestack (phabbtone) and a noisy cricket. For that reason I am redrawing the noisy cricket schematic in its most basic form: without on/off switch and without LED. Could anyone please take a look at this schematic to see if I have it right?
I have replaced the pots with solder pads to be able to solder them off board.

I am still quite new to all of this so I would really appreciate it if someone would take a minute to see if this schematic is right...

Tnx a lot

HI all...

For a few projects I need some boards of the Phabbtone EQ. So I have been in contact with Phil, and I have been working on the schematic, and this morning even managed to come up with some kind of board:

The boards are 12 cm long and 8 cm wide. I need 6 myself, and double sided boards are for this size about 15EURO

My question is, if I am going to make boards, are there people interested in buying boards as well? So we can do some kind of group buy to drop the price? I will not make any money with this, just sharing the design as Phil has done a lot as well....
Also, if people could comment on the schematic and or the board, that would be great. I am not particularly good at eagle nor electronics :-)

Input as always appreciated.


Hi all

I am building a noisy cricket for a friend, and I want to build a small reverb in there. Normally you would want to place the reverb after the distortion... is there a way to do that with the noisy cricket?

And does anyone know of a nice simple diy reverb?


Hi all

A friend of mine has started building guitars last year. I thought it would be cool to build a small amp for him as a present for when he finishes his first build. That might take a while, which is good, because I want to build something different, as usual. And I am not at all an expert electronics diy. Although I managed to finish two gainclone amps, a neve 1073 mic pre amp and a pultec eqp1 clone, so I am not completely without experience, just without any knowledge or background.

My friend's first project is a dual output Bass 6. For those who do not know, a Bass 6 is a sort of cross-breed between a bass and a guitar, with six strings. Think The Cure's Pictures of You for sound. He is planning on having the bridge element and the neck elements on seperate outputs. That got me thinking. What if I would build a dual channel amp that can play both channels at the same time.  One channel for the neck, one for the bridge. With two speakers so you could actually chose to play stereo.
It would be cool though to also have the possibility to to plug in one "normal" guitar and use both channels at the same time. It might be cool to add a blend control so you can easily adjust the amount of one channel versus the other. Of course it should also be possible to plug in two guitars and play together on one amp.

There are a few parameters on this project.

1. It needs to be cheap. As cheap as possible.
2. It needs to be of at least decent quality.
3. It needs to be small and light.
4. Preferably at least one channel should be based on the noisy cricket, since I have already the parts for that.

So after thinking a bit about this project, I think I would like to add a tone stack to both channels, for versatility. From what I have read, the Phabbtone would be a good choice. But any other ideas are welcome!

Also, because of the blending, I think being able to adjust the amount of amp distortion independent from volume control would be cool. So you could have a clean channel and a distorted channel blended. This could be done by either by adding separate gain / volume controls per channel or by adding a stompbox circuit to each channel for even more versatility...  Again here: input more then welcome.. I just made this up!

Another question is whether to build two identical channels and make differentiations with the setting of gain, tone and drive (I am starting to like adding an OD or distortion to each of the amp's channels), OR build two very different sounding channels (one ss and one tube / hybrid?).

So... that was my Sunday afternoon idea, looking forward to your input!