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Hi, I'm new to this community, I'm looking into famous preamp stages and I found a job done by KMG with the depletion mode LND150 mosfet, I'd like to be able to do it but honestly I don't know anything about electronics and working with those high voltages I have a greater respect then I am in these places to see if someone could help me to get the best results, I do not ask them to carry out the project but if they guide me, and where I live I can find someone who knows about electronics and works with those voltages that mount me all work.

The preamp stage I would like to make is the alembic f2b stage by adding a source follower at the end of the second stage to run it with long cables. for source follower stage use this work

On the other hand, I attach the schematic with the lnd150, the only thing missing is to get the values ​​of the resistors in the -Vbias circuit and the capacitor, thanks in advance.


P.D: If there are problems with the link, send me your emails and I will provide you with the schematic.