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My ea 600 rvt epiphone 1966 solid state guitar amps volume is very weak for being a 100 watt 110v 60 cycle guitar amp can anyone help me find the problem
Hey enzo it billy again thanks for getting back to me. Im going to try your suggestions and post the results. I do know that when the pan is tapped or the springs touched i can here the echoes but like i said when i try to turn the reverb volume up it screeches. The aux in out cables must be working cause as i said i hear the reverb when i tapp the pan and springs im really stumped.
Hello phatt thanks for getting. Back to me ive been busy. I will do as u suggested and post the results when i complete the tests.
Has anyone had this problem with their amps spring reverb screeching when you turn the potentiometer up past 2or 3 my amp Reverb just gives this nasty screeching feedback noise when I try to turn it up. Has anyone else had this happen and been able to fix the problem??? Any help would be great...
Hey enzo, hi my amp doesn't have fx loop return send at all. It does have three speaker output jacks. Two for the two 2×10 cabs and the third for an external speaker out. The amp is 1966 67 Epiphone EA-600RVT Solid State guitar amp 100watts two inputs for bass two for guitar. Tremolo Vibrato Reverb.  I have the schematic for the amp, they are also in the Gibson Master service manual under Gibson GSS-100 set B. The problem with the Reverb is if I turn the potentiometer volume cause there is only one pot for the Reverb whick is volume, if I turn it up past 2 and 3 the amp makes a loud screeching feedback humming noise I can't explain the sound past that. I had the spring tank connected and tapp on it and can hear it but can't turn it up any thoughts.
i understand what your getn at. i just want to get 100% again, but for now the amp is workn, i also could of had the speakers wrong series with one cab 2 10s plugged in instead of both cabs 2 10s time 2 paralell may have been a impedence mismatch idk. but i have a good time talkn to everybody bout our gear we use and want to repair etc. i feel like people my age dont care bout rock and jammin making music being a band. its all rap cars and money
I smacked the power supply PC board moved wires and that got it to produce the volume level i t should rattling the windows and pictures the way a hundred watter should. So it must be a short or need time to warm up the transistors a cold solder joint  idk. But I'm glad it sounds loud like it should. It's a rare Epiphone EA-600RVT Solid State guitar amp I've never seen anyone else have this vsame amp they only ran this model from 66' to 67'  I'm thinking about a hundred were made from the info I've gathered super rare SS amp. Reverb still needs work tho if I turn it past 2 I get the loud humming screeching noise any ideas guys???
 Does anybody know what will cause weak/low output volume problems with a solid state guitar amp. I read it can be bad caps output transformer or transistors  etc. Any info on this subject would be a great help. I would love to get this SS amp up and running at maximum performance. Thanks
I have the whole schematic for this amp, set A which is for Gibson GSS-100 my Epiphone EA-600RVT amps brother , and set B which is my amps schematic. I know set B is my amps schematic because I checked the components on my amp and they matched the schematic and parts list.
   I have a 15 range multimeter, I can identify the parts on the amp, take test measurements values and post them back to you on this forum in this topic.
   I will post better photos of the amp and schematic.
   I can download the test tone and make a earphone jack withe free end being a hot and ground I take it is positive and negative right? Place on different points of the amp and post results. I will do what you tell me so I can fix the amp u sound like you know a very great deal on the subject and I thank you very much. I been tryn to find the problem for a long time .

   Just tell me what to do and I'll post the results.
I haven't yet but I'm working on it if that don't fix the weak output volume would you suggest any other troubleshooting steps to take???  The amppowers on I get sound but even at ten it is very weak. Also the Reverb knob when I turn it past 2or 3 it start this horrible screeching sort of feedbacking sound. I will check that out as well may be potentiometer as well thanks for you replying to me I've been trying to get info from anyone who has knowledge of these things. I really appreciate it very much!!!!!!
Anyone have any ideas why my volume is so weak sounding ??
Photos of Epiphone EA-600RVT Solid State guitar amp head
Hello I'm a new member to this forum and would be appreciative if someone could help me out with my weak output volume on my 1966 Epiphone EA-600RVT Solid State 100 Watt guitar amp. The amp powers on everything works but I get very low output volume from the speakers they are 2 cabs of 2×12 I measured the ohms at just below 16 ohms so I think they're 16 ohms could be wrong though. I have basic electronic skills and can work the multimeter. I read it may be the output transformer, or output transistors, even electrolytic capacitors. Can anyone who has knowledge of this issue give me some insight on what I can do to repair it. Thanks fellow ssguitarist.